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Our history

The Ingeus group evolved from a small rehabilitation company that commenced operations in Australia in 1989.

Work Directions Australia quickly established a reputation for inspiring people who were cut off from work due to disability, illness or injury, by assisting them to address the physical and psychological aspects of their condition and helping them back to work.

In the 1990s, this expertise was adapted to provide individually tailored and enabling services to assist people who were on unemployment benefits back into work. Services were subsequently expanded to include nationally accredited training, labour hire and recruitment services.

In 2002, we re-branded as Ingeus and took our unique approach to assisting those people most isolated from the labour market to the United Kingdom.

Our success in Australia and the United Kingdom, led to the group partnering with governments and their agencies in France (2005), Germany (2006), Sweden, South Korea and Switzerland (2009), and Saudi Arabia (2011). We take pride in delivering services that make a genuine difference to people's lives, including emloyment and health programmes, services for young people, training and skills support, and probation services. In 2011, we re-entered Australia with the acquisition of Assure Programs, a business psychology organisation specialising in organisational development and employee assistance programs throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The company now employs more than 2,000 people in around 150 offices internationally and in 2014 became part of Arizona-based human services provider Providence Service Corporation.   

Our contracts currently focus on providing services to long-term unemployed people,, people with health conditions, single parents, young people, mature aged workers, and migrants and refugees.”