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People being the best they can be Woman learning about spinal health

People are better off in work

We believe that people are better off in work. Work provides them with independence, a sense of purpose and the means to make a contribution, an ability to learn, and a sense of achievement and connectedness.

A core focus of our business to date has been on assisting people with health conditions or disabilities, injury or illness to remain in or return to work. Our business was founded in 1989 in Australia on providing rehabilitation services to injured workers to assist them to return to work. We pioneered the approach of addressing psychological and emotional needs alongside physical rehabilitation needs and job search needs. This was because our experience showed that people who were unable to return to work due to injury often lost their sense of ‘self’ – the way they related to work, their families and friends and their ability to physically function as they had in the past was diminished.

For example, a back injury does not only inhibit a physical labourer from returning to work, but also impacts the way they are able to play with their children, their ability to enjoy some hobbies, their ability to do some simple chores around the home. Coupled with decreased earning capacity, this often significantly erodes self esteem, extending the impact of the injury beyond the physical.

By focusing on the ‘whole’ individual, we can help people to think differently about their strengths and capabilities, see other options if they cannot return to the same type of work, and transition as quickly as possible back to the workplace. Our proven methodology has resulted in a very high return to work rate.

Our service provision includes providing functional capacity assessments, psychological support services and workplace modification advice and support. Our model is also based on the principles of positive psychology and focuses on building our client’s resilience and stamina, to enable them to focus on what they can do, to rebuild their hope and self-belief and to know that we believe they can be the best they can be. We also provide extensive information and workshops on building confidence and motivation, social support, the importance of sleep and routine, wellbeing at work, diet and nutrition, physical activity, rest and relaxation, general health, and mood.

While this is core to our ability to assisting people back into the workplace, we also extend this service directly to employers to ensure they provide safe and healthy workplaces.

We pioneered
the approach
of addressing psychological and emotional needs alongside physical rehabilitation needs and job search needs.”