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Partnering to meet social and policy objectives Ingeus group location map

Global impact

As social entrepreneurs our strength lies in our ability to identify a social problem; develop a culturally appropriate, local solution that meets policy objectives; and operationalise that solution.

United Kingdom

Ingeus UK is a leading provider of the Work Programme, the UK Government's flagship initiative to tackle long-term unemployment.  We are also an accredited skills and vocational training provider, with exciting plans to grow and expand the range of services we offer to our learners and employers to become a leading, nationwide provider of skills and training. Ingeus UK also delivers health programmes, services for young people, training and skills support and probation services,


Established in 2005, Ingeus France is a specialist provider of HR and career transition services alongside employment services to assist people into sustainable employment. We deliver services for the public sector, including the Public Employment Service, Ministries and local authorities; private sector; and individuals.


In June 2006, we formed a partnership with Nuremberg’s regional administration and public employment service to support people who had been unemployed for at least one year. We have since expanded to deliver services to short- and long-term unemployed people, young people, mature aged people and single parents in Nuremberg, Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart.


Building on our international expertise and best practice, we were awarded two contracts within quick succession to work in partnership with the federal and local social insurance offices in Zurich and Lausanne. These contracts assist people with long-term health conditions or disabilities to build on their strengths and capabilities to return to work.

South Korea

Entering the market with outplacement services, we currently work in partnership with the Ministry of Employment and Labour and the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea to deliver contracts to assist people on benefits to return to work. In February 2011, we commenced a programme with the Ministry of Defence to assist military veterans to prepare for and secure civilian jobs..

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In 2011, Ingeus, in partnership with Deloitte Middle East and Deloitte UK, commenced the delivery of employment services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The pilot program, delivered in five cities, was part of the commencement and development of employability programs in the Kingdom. Our success in the pilot program has seen Ingeus expand to deliver services in an additional two cities.

Australia and New Zealand

Through the acquisition of Assure Programs in 2011, Ingeus works with organisations and individuals in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea to develop tailored and timely solutions to enhance personal wellbeing and improve organisational performance and resilience.


Ingeus works with Caritas, the NGO of the Christian Church and one of the biggest NGOs in Spain. Ingeus delivers an Employment service for the long term unemployed who are at risk of social exclusion. Clients are referred from Caritas directly or self refer and attend for 6 months.


WCG is a leading provider of employment and vocational rehabilitation services, delivering as part of the Ingeus group in Canada. We provide services to jobseekers and veterans across the country.


Ross Innovative Employment Solutions is part of the Ingeus group, working in the USA. We currently deliver services under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, TANF Welfare Transition and State Workforce Programs.

Previous operations:


In February 2009, we commenced delivery of a programme in partnership with the Swedish public employment service to assist newly arrived immigrants and refugees. The company expanded to deliver a range of services including employment services, outplacement and vocational rehabilitation services. Programmes in Sweden ended in 2016.


The appointment of a Chief Operating Officer in 2010 marked the commencement of Ingeus’ formal presence in Poland. Our aim was to play a role in assisting the government to meet its policy objectives of growing sustainable and socially inclusive labour markets and provided a pilot programme to assist single parents in Poznan. Programmes in Poland ended in 2016.