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Partnering to meet social and policy objectives Ingeus in Germany


In June 2006, we formed a partnership with the ARGE (Arbeitsgemeinschaft), the City of Nuremberg’s joint body of the regional administration and public employment service, to assist people who had been unemployed for at least one year.

Over a two-year period, we supported 2,000 unemployed people and worked closely with each of them for up to 10 months as well as providing six months intensive support once they were in work. We successfully exceeded the contractual target of 40% job placements by the end of the two year contract, and this formed the foundation of our future success in Germany.

We have since expanded to deliver services to short- and long-term unemployed people in Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart and Wetzlar, and single parents in Nuremberg.

We currently provide the following services:

  • Berlin Treptow-Köpenick – a programme to assist long-term unemployed people in Berlin. The challenges faced by jobseekers in Berlin include an unemployment rate that is significantly higher than the national average, a large percentage of jobs are short-term, and low labour market growth. From November 2008, we commenced delivering a programme which assisted up to 2,000 clients over a two-year period.
  • Berlin young people – also in Berlin, we are currently providing a contract to assist young people to enter the workforce. This is a particularly important programme given the labour market conditions and number of unemployed youth in Berlin. 
  • Berlin lone parents – since October 2011, we have assisted 260 lone parents into work. Unique features of our Berlin lone parents contract include on-site child care for parents while they access our services and specialist single parent advisors who support parents to source local childcare while they are attending interviews and once they are in work. 
  • Stuttgart GANZIL – since June 2012 we have run a highly successful project with the Jobcenter Stuttgart. This project, known as GANZIL, assists 816 long term unemployed clients and will continue until April 2015.
  • Stuttgart young people – in November 2012, we started to deliver a second project in Stuttgart. This assists 125 clients under the age of 25 to find descent and sustainable work.
  • Munich KompAQT 50plus - In January 2012, Ingeus GmbH began delivering a project in Munich that is unique and, in the context of demographic change and shortage of skilled workers, of significant strategic importance.Every year until the end of 2015, up to 5,180 clients aged between 50 and 63 will be given intensive support to find their way back into sustainable work.

Formerly in Germany, we also held contracts with the federal employment office in Nuremberg to work with short-term unemployed people who had been out of work for no longer than four weeks, as well as a project in partnership with the Munich ARGE to assist 4,000 long-term unemployed people over a period of two years.


Unique features of this contract include on-site child care for parents while they access our services and specialist single parent advisors who support them to source local childcare ...”