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Partnering to meet social and policy objectives Ingeus in South Korea

South Korea

Founded on providing outplacement services to people who are redundant or at risk of redundancy, Ingeus in Korea is recognised as a leading employment services provider. We currently deliver employment service contracts in partnership with various government departments including the Ministry of Employment and Labour, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Defence and the Government Employees Pension Corp. We also provide outplacement services to employees from industries ranging from financial and professional services to manufacturing, IT, construction, and pharmaceuticals.

Outplacement, at its best, is very similar to the approach that we use in our employment services contracts. It involves assessing skills and vocational goals and translating those to the current labour market. It involves working with each individual on a tailored back to work plan. It involves coaching, mentoring, encouraging and supporting. And it involves helping each individual to cope with the changing environment in which they live and work.

Ingeus commenced providing outplacement services in Korea in September 2009. By early 2013, we had secured contracts to deliver both employment services and outplacement services as follows:

  • Outplacement service - since our inception in 2009 we have provided outplacement services to more than 70 commercial organisations. In 2012, we established the Samsung Outplacement Service Centre for retirees of Samsung, Korea's largest conglomerate.
  • Ministry of Employment and Labour (Success Package) – this programme aims to improve the employment competitiveness of people who are considered to be disadvantaged. We deliver this contract in Seoul's Kwanak region as well as Central, North, South, East, and West Seoul; Busan; North Busan; Incheon; Seong-Nam; Daegu and Kimhae.
  • Ministry of Health and Welfare (Hope-reborn Project) – this programme also aims to assist disadvantaged people into decent, lasting jobs including short-term and long-term unemployed people, young people, mature aged people, single parents and the people on long-term health-related benefits. We currently deliver this programme in the Jeonbuk and Kwangju regions.

Ingeus has long recognised the value of our case management approach in meeting the specialist needs of veterans adjusting to life outside the military. In February 2011, we began delivering such services in Korea:

  • Ministry of Defence - this programme assists military veterans in Seoul to prepare for and secure civilian jobs. Many of these veterans have been in the armed services for between 10 and 20 years.
  • Government Employees Pension Corp. - this programme aims to support retired public officials to succeed in transitioning careers. As part of this program, we established ‘retired public officials supporting centres’ which operate across eight regions nationally, and deliver group workshops, career counseling and job placements.
... helping each individual to cope with the changing environment in which they live and work.”