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More people into decent lasting jobs Young woman providing career counselling advice

Career progression and advancement

Governments are increasingly looking for assistance with social and professional integration.

We have developed significant experience in this area, and our specialist knowledge and expertise can be applied to developing solutions to solve these broader social issues.

For example, in France, our services include providing diagnostic and assessment services including analysis of personality traits and motivations and understanding skills in order to assist people to develop personalised professional development plans. In Australia and New Zealand, our organisational psychologists are skilled at delivering psychological assessments to assist in all stages of the employee life cycle from initial screening and selection to staff development and retention.

We have the capability to provide consultancy services on the integration of legal and regulatory obligations as well as training and retention strategies.

We are focused on career management and progression as well as developing solutions for recruitment and integration. Our experience extends to the provision of career coaching and leadership training to enhance work performance, self-directed learning and personal growth.