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Ingeus in Barcelona Ingeus in Barcelona

Ingeus in Barcelona

As 2013 came to a close, colleagues in Ingeus’ newest venture in Spain were still hard at work preparing to open their doors to jobseekers in Barcelona.

In a ground-breaking arrangement, Ingeus and its Spanish partner Daleph were commissioned by the highly respected charity Caritas to help highly disadvantaged jobseekers, many without benefit entitlements, into work.

Co-located in Caritas’ community hub near the harbour, the new office is fully integrated into the facility’s impressive range of services, including childcare, after-school clubs, training and language tuition. Caritas has long recognised the importance of work for the well-being of both individuals and the wider community.

Working with Ingeus has enabled it to co-design coaching and employability services that dovetail with its existing support. The project demonstrates how local NGOs can ‘bolt on’ internationally tried-and-tested services to add value to their wider social provision. Ingeus recruited and trained the coaches, installed and managed the IT and uses the data to learn local lessons and to measure the value for money it achieves. Daleph’ s Director General Gregorio Castante said “we are enormously privileged to be partnering Caritas to help make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged people in Barcelona. The team got its first job placement on New Year’s Eve and since then have achieved a job placement rate of over 50%".