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Min-suh's story

“I didn’t think I could work due to my personal situation, but now I am happy to be a good role model to my daughter and to be a proud member of society”

Min-suh, in her late 40s, felt she would not be able to work due to her personal circumstances. She was a single mother of an 8 year old daughter, full-time carer for her elderly mother in-law who suffered from dementia, and was living solely on benefits.

Min-suh was referred to Ingeus and decided she wanted to get a job in order to be a good role model for her daughter and to better her standard of living. Her advisor provided her encouragement and support and helped her uncover strengths she did not know she had. Min-suh’s advisor provided her with interview training and helped her prepare and update her resume. Slowly, Min-suh became more positive in her outlook.

Min-suh’s advisor found a free medical facility to help care for her mother in-law and started to help her look for jobs close to home and with hours to enable her to work around her daughter’s schooling. Min-suh’s advisor established a relationship with a local company and encouraged her to apply for a role with them, which resulted in an invitation to interview. Min-suh felt extremely nervous at the interview, having been out of the workforce for many years, but her advisor took her to the interview reiterating the skills she had learnt and reinforcing her strengths and experience. Min-suh’s hard work and persistence paid off and she landed the job, with one of her friends also joining the same company not long after, also with the help of Ingeus.

Min-suh said:
“I am proud of being a good role model and parent to my daughter. I am happy to be able to play a role as a member of society.”

...helped her look for jobs close to home and with hours to enable her to work around her daughter’s schooling.”