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Mr Kim's story

“Ingeus’ great job placement skills helped me succeed in getting my dream job”

Mr Kim came to Ingeus’ outplacement programme following his tenure as a Korean soldier. He had always harboured a dream to work in an allied defence role because of the excellent prospects, interesting work and the security it offered.

When Mr Kim came to Ingeus he was nervous about taking this next step but his advisor quickly ascertained that he had a good professional network, knowledge of the military and relevant project experience. Equipped with an awareness of his strengths, Mr Kim’s advisor then encouraged him to use these in his job search.

Firstly his advisor suggested Mr Kim contact the allied defence organisation to find out more about the organisation, as well as how their recruitment processes worked. Mr Kim was also taught how to prepare his CV to highlight his skills, strengths and experience. Mr Kim was particularly nervous about interviewing in English, his second language, so his advisor also helped him with interview skills, suggesting he hone his technique by recording himself on camera practising some possible interview questions that he provided.

Mr Kim got an interview with organisation and was surprised to find on the day that not only was the person he had been speaking with was on the interview panel, but eight out of 10 of the interview questions suggested by Ingeus were used. Combined with his experience coordinating work with foreign forces whilst in the Korean military, this gave Mr Kim a distinct competitive advantage. All of Mr Kim’s hard work and enthusiasm paid off when he secured his dream job. “I could not have got my dream job without Ingeus’ expertise to help me” he said.

Eight out of 10 of the interview questions suggested by Ingeus were used.”