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Constanze's story

Workplace flexibility inspires a new beginning

Constanze, a single mother of young child, arrived at her first appointment with Ingeus stressed about her childcare situation. Living in a very small town there were no childcare facilities which meant she had little chance of finding an arrangement to suit her care needs for her child while she worked.

Constanze had previously worked as a trainee hairdresser, a production assistant and as a cleaner. Although she had no business training Constanze had also had a few years experience as a clerk in the insurance industry.

Firstly at her appointment, it was established with her advisor that Constanze would be best suited to part time work, close to her home. Constanze’s advisor discovered that there was an insurance company very close to her home and they decided this was a good avenue for her to pursue given her previous experience in this line of work.

Encouraged by her advisor, Constanze was persuaded to contact the insurance office and enquire whether they needed any additional help. She was enthused to find out that they did, however they were looking for someone with formal qualifications, which Constanze did not have.

Constanze’s advisor was able to convince the employer that Constanze would be able to attend part time courses that would enable her to gain the qualifications required. Ingeus also agreed to contribute to the costs of this training. The employer agreed to this and Constanze was able to combine working and studying within her daughter’s pre-school hours.

Constanze has been happily working for three months now and is very relieved to find a job that she enjoys and where she is gaining new skills, and can balance work with her other responsibilities.

Ingeus also agreed to contribute to the costs of this training.”