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Charlotte's story

“I joined Ingeus at just the right time! I needed a direction. My advisor was able to make things clear for me and help me with my professional goals. I love having regular contact with my advisor!”

Charlotte, 40, had been unemployed for over a year when she first visited Ingeus. She had worked for many years in the health industry but wanted to move into another field. However she was very confused about which direction to go in and she therefore felt stuck.

Charlotte had always loved the world of childhood and dreamed of entering this field in some capacity. However, she was deterred by the training she would need to do as any sort of teacher: “It’s not easy to start from 40”, she said.

Corinne, Charlotte’s advisor, suggested they explore the various routes to entry into employment in the childcare industry. Firstly to call childcare centres in the area to find out more information, however, Charlotte was not at all comfortable with using the phone. Corinne was able to provide Charlotte with training to overcome her fear of using the telephone, and eventually Charlotte’s desire to enter childcare overrode her fears.

Charlotte was now able to conduct her own speculative work, calling childcare centres to get the relevant information she needed about job positions and training. Overcoming her fears in this area led to a big gain in her self confidence along the way. This information Charlotte obtained confirmed to her that she was on the right path and, with the help of her advisor, she started to send out prospecting letters to child care centres.

After some perseverance, in early 2011 Charlotte was finally contacted by a day care centre and offered a work experience role for three weeks. This provided Charlotte with some ‘hands on’ experience in childcare, with lots of contact with children which she very much enjoyed. After the end of her work experience, Charlotte was contacted several times for placements, both long and short term.

Charlotte has now secured a placement to start in early 2012. This will enable her, over a three year period, to undergo training while on the job to become a teacher, combining both practice and theory.

Overcoming her fears in this area led to a big gain in her self confidence along the way.”