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Valerie’s story

A job with a real future

Valerie joined Ingeus’ programme in Nuremberg after speaking up about her situation at a public forum. She was heard by a senior job agency executive who suggested she contact Ingeus.

With no formal skills or qualifications and a bad back, Valerie had little work experience. This led to a lack of confidence and difficulties in connecting with family and friends.

Upon joining Ingeus, Valerie participated fully. She attended appointments with her advisor and attended workshops. With her advisor’s assistance, she worked on addressing her health and confidence issues while at the same time looking for work. 

After a period of self-directed job search, she found a short placement as a helping hand – but, within a month, was back with Ingeus.

Buoyed by her advisor’s encouragement, Valerie soon expressed an interest in, and secured a job caring for an elderly woman in her neighborhood. By the time of her next Ingeus appointment, she had secured a full-time contract as a senior carer.

Valerie has now been employed for more than six months, is very satisfied with her work, saying it is a ‘good fit’. After only holding short-term jobs for all of her life, she finally believes that this is a job that she will hold until retirement and she knows that the support and encouragement of her advisor is only a phone call away if she has any questions or encounters any problems. 

Almost immediately, buoyed by her advisor’s encouragement, Valerie expressed an interest in, and secured a job caring for an elderly woman in her neighborhood.”