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Georgette's story

Taking the time to accompany clients to employer meetings improves confidence and their ability to 'sell' themselves

When Georgette moved from Syria to Sweden in 1985, she was fortunate to find a job as a hotel maid within just two weeks of her arrival. Over subsequent years, she had a number of jobs, but these were all short term, and she found herself unemployed in 2009. Georgette tells her story of how Ingeus assisted her to secure a job she really enjoys:

Each day without a job was very stressful for me and I was constantly worrying about everything. I wanted nothing more than to get a job as soon as possible. The turnaround came when I started at Ingeus and met my job coach, Sara.

At Ingeus, I learnt how to prepare a professional CV and had the opportunity to participate in a number of training sessions. As well as applying for jobs and attending workshops with other participants, Sara provided extra support and personal assistance whenever I needed it.

How I got the job
One day my neighbour told me about her job in a second hand store in Norsborg. She enjoyed the job and told me the store took on trainees. At my next meeting with Sara, I asked her about how to go about applying to the store for an internship. She immediately offered to call the manager to schedule an appointment.

The manager welcomed Sara and me to the store and the meeting went better than expected. The manager talked about the possibility of a job rather than a traineeship and said he would consider whether there was a suitable job for me. Some time after our meeting, he called with the good news that he wanted me to start work.

Now I work full time and I am very happy. It's a great job and it's fun to meet new people. My role includes assisting in the shop and in their cafeterias. I will also have the opportunity to work in the church which owns the store, and this is great because I've always wanted to work in a church.

Continued support
Sara and I still speak regularly by phone. Initially she called just to ask how I was getting on. That's the great thing about Sara, she has always taken the time and has been almost like a sister to me. I am so grateful for Sara and all the help I received from Ingeus.

...Sara provided extra support and personal assistance whenever I needed it ”